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Remote Cable Switch for Scope Mounting - Lithium Power
Choose 6", 15", or 30" Cable Lengths
Part Number:RSA-10

Remote Cable Switch for Scope Mounting - Lithium Power

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Cable Lengths
15 to 30 Helix
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[A] Base for Reflector (+$48.00)
[B] Base for Refractor (+$48.00)
[C] Base for Tripod (+$48.00)
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Standard Cable Switch  [Choose 6", 15" & 30"]

Helix Design [15" Length, Expandable to 30"] 

Remote cable switch to activate green laser pointer without touching telescope when aligned as a star finder. Prevents unwanted movements that affect delicate finder alignments. For use with green lasers in finder mounts and alignment setups. Designed for the outdoors; rugged and reliable; dirt and moisture resistant. Cable switch can be "velcro" attached to telescope body; or allowed to dangle freely.

These remote switches are designed to fit Z-Bolt® Astronomy Green Laser Pointers. The RSA-10 threads match the ASTRO-10, and Duet Emerald (D-5-G) Astronomy Green Laser Pointers.  Also the Galaxy II (SG-2) and Duet Sapphire (D-5-BL) Blue Laser Pointers.