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Z-Bolt® Bird-SPOT
Ruggedized Green Laser Pointer
Birding | Bird Watching | Bird Spotting

Sharing Bird Location
How to quickly share the location of birds in shaded rain forests? Or help other birders to look in the right direction and get on a bird faster? If employing a green laser for this task, what power output is the best - what power output is bright enough AND safe for users and wildlife, but won't "spook" the birds if pointed too close to them? Is the laser moisture and water resistant, able to handle the damp, humid environments of South America, Africa, or Asia? Long battery life? Neck Lanyard? Belt Pouch?

Includes IR Filter for Human/Wildlife Eye Safety
The Bird-SPOT is  is built for extreme duty, constructed of high quality anodized aluminum, and includes an IR filter for safe viewing and interaction with wildlife. Tested & certified for bird and human eye safety; water proof for operation in rain forests - rain, dew, & moisture resistant. The laser diode and battery compartment are protected by double o-ring seals; circuit board is encased (epoxy resin) in a protective collar to prevent damage by vibration, accidental dropping, etc. Water & dust proof; shock & vibration resistant; rugged & reliable. Ships with neck lanyard and nylon belt carry pouch for transport & stowage - also to secure and protect during field use.

Other Choices:
The Duet® Emerald has the same power output and safety features as the Bird-SPOT, but does not include the environmental and drop protection.  Same green laser diode circuit and IR safety filter to shield viewers and wildlife from infrared radiation.

Bird-SPOT Green Laser for Birding
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