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Z-Bolt® SCUBA DIVE Lasers



Z-Bolt® SCUBA Dive Lasers illuminate particulates in the water to project a brilliant, easily seen laser beam and dot. These innovative underwater laser pointers are salt water proof to 200 feet. Interact with marine life; use to signal your dive partners; point out marine life and objects of interest hundreds of feet away depending on light and water conditions; interact with marine life without disturbing the natural food chain. Draw marine life out of coves for underwater viewing and photography ( many fish species will follow the beam ). Can be used on land as well; at the dock, port or marina.  Oil included to keep o-rings soft & compliant.

  • Green, Blue, or Red Laser Colors
  • Free Lanyard & Oil For O-Rings Included
  • Twist End Cap for Constant On Operation
  • Class 2 (< 1mW) & Low TEMP Models (14° Water Temp)
Multiple Color Scuba Diving Laser Pointers

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